Canadian Institute for Health Information is still underreporting abortion
Friday, October 13, 2017By Patricia Maloney
CIHI is still under-reporting abortion statistics

Abortion statistics are getting more confusing.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) reported a total of 44,430 abortions for 2015/2016.*

CIHI reported a total of 39,679 abortions for 2015.

That’s a total difference of 4,751 abortions for one year.

To add to the confusion, MOHLTC reports using seven abortion codes (S752A, S785A, P054A, S770A, S783A, P001A, A920A), while CIHI reports using only two abortion codes (S752A and S785A):
“The enhanced methodology implemented in CIHI’s 2015 report for estimating the volume of induced abortions in Ontario incorporates NPDB (1) data selected using two fee codes for surgical abortions only. The report you shared includes seven fee codes and CIHI reports using two….the data sources for CIHI’s report are DAD, NACRS, and NPDB, while it appears that the Claims History Database was the source for the report you shared [from the MOHLTC]”. (2)
If we only compare CIHI with MOHLTC for the same two codes that CIHI reports, we get CIHI at 39,679 abortions, and MOHLTC at 37,806 abortions. for a difference of 1,873 more than MOHLTC.

Neither CIHI nor MOHLTC could explain these differences.

Therefore CIHI reports 4,751 overall less than MOHLTC, but reports 1,873 more thanMOHLTC if we only look at the same two codes.

Very confusing I know.

MOHLTC full fee code descriptions here.

Additional Notes

Both CIHI and MOHLTC use these two codes:
S752A and S785A (surgical abortions)

The five codes not used by CIHI data, but are used in MOHLTC data are:
P054A (fetal reductions – 115)

Those five additional codes used at MOHLTC add up to 6,624 abortions (115+16+4+556+5933). The Ministry also tells us that the S770A and S783A codes can be used for procedures other than abortions, but give me no indication as to which of these codes are not abortions. When I asked the Ministry to clarify medical abortions and identify which diagnostic codes are used for them, I was informed that:
“The OHIP claims system does require a physician to submit a fee code for payment however it is optional for a physician to submit a diagnostic code with the fee code and there is no rule that the diagnostic code needs to relate to the fee code.”
Therefore it looks like the diagnostic codes are useless. So until the Ministry can tell me otherwise, I will assume that all of these additional procedures are also for abortions.

A920A and P001A codes are both used for medical abortions (556+5933=6,489 medical abortions), and CIHI isn’t capturing these numbers. CIHI is also not capturing P054A for fetal reductions (115)

Note that CIHI doesn’t report “medical” abortions or “fetal reduction” abortions.

That’s 6,624 additional abortions being performed in Ontario for 2015/2016 (i.e. the five missing codes), than is officially being reported by CIHI.

(1) “The National Physician Database (NPDB) is a CIHI database that contains physician billings for publically funded insured medical services. Physicians do not report to it directly. Physicians submit claims to the Provincial/Territorial medical care plans to be paid. All provinces submit data from their claims systems to the National Physician Database.” personal correspondence July 12, 217 with CIHI
(2) personal correspondence June 23, 217 with CIHI

  • *Action Life note: This is for the period of one fiscal year.
  • Used with permission of Patricia Maloney
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Each Abortion Increases Woman’s Risk of Premature Death by 50%, New Study Reports

Press release from the Elliott Institute

Each Abortion Increases Woman’s Risk of Premature Death by 50%, New Study Reports

Springfield, IL (Nov. 14, 2017) — Legal abortion contributes to a fifty percent increased risk of premature death in women, according to a new systematic review that examined 989 studies of deaths associated with pregnancy outcomes.

Within the first 180 days, the risk of death from any cause is over twice as high following abortion compared to that following delivery. The risk of early death remains elevated for at least ten years (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Death rates are higher after an abortion beginning in the first 180 days and continuing for at least ten years

Both abortion and miscarriage are linked to elevated mortality rates, but the effect is more strongly associated with induced abortions.

The largest portion of premature deaths following pregnancy loss are due to suicides, accidents, homicides, and some natural causes, such as circulatory disease, which are known to be associated with stress.

The reviewers concluded that these findings are best explained by the psychological effects of pregnancy loss, which contribute to elevated levels of stress, substance abuse, risk taking, and self-destructive behaviors.

Figure 2. Each abortion exposure increases the risk of early death by about 50%

The studies reviewed also reveal a dose effect, with each exposure to abortion adding approximately a 50 percent increased risk of premature death compared to women who have never had abortions (Figure 2).

In contrast, delivering two or more pregnancies improves longevity. Delivery is also linked with a reduction in mortality risks associated with abortion or miscarriage alone.

The systematic review, published in Sage Open Medicine, identified 989 maternal death studies, of which 68 were of the highest quality. These higher quality studies were those that linked death certificates with other medical records to identify recent pregnancy outcomes. Since death certificates often lack information about recent pregnancies, studies based on death certificates alone have been proven to be notoriously incomplete.

Of the 68 higher quality record linkage studies identified by the research team, only 11 provided results to allow comparison between death rates associated with different pregnancy outcomes: birth, abortion, miscarriage or other natural losses.

Has there been a deliberate cover up?

According to the review’s lead author, Dr. David Reardon, the elevated risk of death following pregnancy losses (abortion or miscarriage) was first identified in a study of the entire population of women in Finland in 1997. Reardon is the director of the Elliot Institute, a research group focused on reproductive health issues.

Reardon said that most of the record linkage studies published since 1997 could and should have investigated the differences in maternal death rates relative to pregnancy loss. But most researchers chose to only report on deaths associated with childbirth.

“It’s difficult to believe that these maternal mortality specialists are unaware of the unanimity of the 11 large population studies from Finland, Denmark, and the United States in regard to elevated risks of death following reproductive loss,” he said.

Reardon believes that the lack of more data on deaths following pregnancy loss is most likely due to a bias against publishing results that might undermine international efforts to promote access to abortion in less developed countries.

As an example of selective reporting, Reardon cited a comprehensive record linkage study from Italy, in which the authors noted that they had identified deaths associated with miscarriage and induced abortion. However, the authors subsequently refused to publish data allowing a comparison of maternal death rates relative to delivering or never pregnant women and those who had an abortion or miscarriage.

Reardon also said that the fact that all record linkage studies reveal higher rates of mortality following abortion directly contradicts the assertion that abortion is ten to 15 times “safer” than childbirth.

“That claim has always been based on comparing incomplete data from death certificates to an even more incomplete tally of deaths voluntarily reported by abortion providers,” he said. “It is junk in, junk out science. Only record linkage studies provide solid data. Only record linkage studies provide a common standard for making comparisons.”

# # #

Citing: Pregnancy associated death in record linkage studies relative to delivery, termination of pregnancy, and natural losses: A systematic review with a narrative synthesis and meta-analysis. Reardon DC, Thorp JM. Sage Open Medicine. Vol 5:1-17, 2017.

Video Summary of Study:












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This is a human person

Video by: And then there were none

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Media Advisory: Petition of One Million 2019

October 4th 2017 – “We are excited to launch the Petition of One Million 2019 and invite all Canadians of good will to join us in this tremendous project”, stated Jakki Jeffs, executive director of Alliance for Life Ontario.

We are grateful for the Canadians who had the insight in 1973 to run the original petition of one million which gathered 1,027,425 signatures inviting Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his 1975 government to protect the lives of Canadian children before birth. Sadly, the Prime Minister and the Canadian Parliament did not heed the call of those Canadians.

Now again, in 2017, we are calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Parliament to right this injustice and protect the life of every Canadian from his/her biological beginnings. There is no barrier to updating our Criminal Code regarding the definition of human being. In fact, our Government has been updating or striking down what has been termed “zombie laws” and Section 223(1) and (2) of the Criminal Code is certainly an antiquated legal fiction.

The evidence is settled, overwhelming, and long established regarding when a human life has its biological beginnings, and we call on government to apply its “evidence based policy” to the Criminal Code. Canadian children in the womb seek justice from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Every year approximately 475,000 children are conceived in Canada and not one of their lives is protected, in fact they are invisible to the law, so much so that 100,000 are killed by abortion annually.

We are urging all Canadians of good will to sign the petition, which can be found in both official languages at We have two years to gather signatures and we hope that with every signature, we may reclaim respect and dignity for every child in the womb and especially for the almost 4 million little lives lost through induced abortion between 1969 and 2015 in Canada.


The Petition of One Million is an alliance of like-minded individuals of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, businesses, organizations, churches, national, provincial and local groups, schools and pro-life groups who believe that everyone’s right to life should be legally protected from their biological beginnings as human beings. For more information, visit

Media Contacts

Mrs. Jakki Jeffs, Executive Director, Alliance for Life Ontario 866.588.2684

Download the release here: Petition of One Million Press Release October 2017

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Deserving of life

This video was produced by Unbroken – Life beyond rape. From their website :

“Who we are and What we do
Unbroken is a support and advocacy group for those impacted by pregnancy from rape.
We have found our way through dark and difficult experiences. We have found strength in ourselves. We have found beauty and love in the lives of our children. We have emerged unbroken.
Our goal is to offer support for other women who have been through similar experiences, and advocate for these women and their children. We recognize that we are not defined by our rape experiences, and that our children are not defined by how they were conceived.
We work to ensure that we can rebuild our lives beyond rape; to provide a space to tell our stories, and to advocate on behalf of women and their children.”

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Iceland eliminating unborn children with Down Syndrome

Pro-Life Teen Responds to Report on Down Syndrome in Iceland

SFLA Student Spokesperson Autumn, a Sophomore in high school, responds to CBS news article on Down Syndrome in Iceland.

Posted by Students for Life of America on Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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Wednesday October 4th, 2017 – The Day Democracy Finally Died in Ontario

Wednesday October 4th, 2017 – The Day Democracy Finally Died in Ontario

by Jakki Jeffs

Executive Director of Alliance for Life Ontario

On August 30th 2017, Alliance for Life Ontario joined Campaign Life Coalition and ARPA in a 90 minute discussion with staff at the Ontario Attorney General’s office regarding Ontario’s proposed [safe]access zone legislation. It was obvious from the start, that this meeting was arranged to fulfill the need to say we spoke with the pro-life community as the government contemplated the introduction of draconian legislation regarding access to abortion facilities in Ontario.

The Press conference held yesterday by the Attorney General was preceded by a tweet from him regarding the event. In who’s universe of professionalism is it acceptable to “tweet” an announcement of such import? If you watched the press conference itself, you may have been like me telling the screen, that’s a lie! You have no evidence! That is not true! There is no right to abortion! and much more.

Our Minister of the Status of Women told us “access to abortion is a basic human right” In your dreams Minister but not in reality in Canada. The Attorney General stated that “Our government will always stand up for a woman’s right to choice” Oh please how many times does it have to be said? There is no right to abortion in Canada. The Attorney General also said that violence has increased at abortion facilities and there have been similar reports in Ontario. I think at that point I said lies, lies and damn lies!!!!

We presented to the AG’s staff the first ever report on abortion providers and their environment and it found “Canadian facilities reported minimal or no harassment… Yet somehow the Attorney General has dreamed up some rising threat that does not exist. The real truth is that the access zone legislation is a law based on exception, it is a solution to a problem that we do not have in Canada let alone Ontario, but it is a great opportunity to try and destroy pro-life opinion and expression in Ontario.

If you had watched the press conference you would be hard pressed not to believe that abortion facilities are besieged war zones when in fact they have pro-life presence sometimes, either for showing opposition to abortion, counseling and offering help, life-chain, forty days or possibly show the truth or the Gap project all of which come under the Charter freedoms we enjoy or have enjoyed until now.

What is so devastating about this move by the government of Ontario is that this horrendous trampling of human rights is to protect a right which does not exist in Canada. It appears that pro-abortion advocates feel that if they say it enough, it will make it so – well it will not! All that the Attorney General could find is a supposed spitting incident in Ottawa, which apparently tipped him over the edge to react in such a knee-jerk way even when there are perfectly adequate laws to deal with this kind of appalling occurrence already.

This legislation has a petulant quality to it, trampling without second thought freedoms which are the hallmark of true democracy. It is as though the Ontario government’s obvious pro-abortion position will not allow it to tolerate any citizen believing, or thinking differently and now with an absolute and utter misuse of power are trying to stifle and silence expression of the freedoms guaranteed in our Charter. I would imagine the leaders of North Korea, Syria, Iran, Russia and China, to name a few, would recognize and commend this kind of government action as they also shut their people up with similar tyrannical government action.

The abortion industry must believe it has gone to Heaven – see below for one of the supposed voices of choice.

“We are thrilled with the new Safe Access Zone Legislation introduced this afternoon. Patients, healthcare providers, clinics and hospitals will now be protected from anti-choice protesters and harassment. This will be the last year of #40DaysofLies!”

We will see how this unfolds but it does not look good when the left aggressively discount the Charter Rights and Freedoms of those who disagree with them. Patrick Brown could only strut his stuff about abortion being a divisive issue. I would say pretending to be pro-life to garner support, in order to achieve a party position, might be a bit more of a divisive issue myself. Anyway back to the point, there is no evidence to support such draconian legislation, it is undemocratic, unconstitutional, tyrannical and minus a shred of evidence to support such a measure. I would hope that those who understand how our democracy works might reject this ideological based legislation and look with clearer heads at the result of ignoring our freedoms.

A word of warning for others. The government is attacking pro-life thought, opinion, speech and expression currently, but if you do not see what this actually is it could be your ideas and your opinions which the government does not agree with next but the scene will be set and very soon we will all be targeted until we are all part of the Ontario Borg and become assimilated.



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Global institutions ignore risks to women and infant health: classify “abortion safety” instead

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Global institutions ignore risks to women and infant health; classify “abortion safety” instead

[September 28th, 2017, Ottawa] A study released today in The Lancet revealed that 55.7 million children were aborted between 2010 and 2014, worldwide.

Instead of lamenting the staggering enormity of the numbers of global abortions or the widespread practice of sex selection abortion (aborting females out of cultural preferences for males), the study, funded by heavyweights like the UN, UNICEF, World Health Organization and the UK, Dutch and Norwegian governments, calls for increased access to, and greater availability of, so-called ‘safe’ abortions.

“The study classifies abortions as “safe, less safe and least safe” according to the skill and equipment of the practitioner, but really, one can hardly argue that any procedure that takes the lives of one, much less tens of millions of unborn children around the world, is ‘safe’, says Natalie Sonnen, executive director for LifeCanada. “The study’s authors have utterly ignored the fact that abortion, whether by trained or untrained persons, always results in the death of a vulnerable human being and poses a significant risk to the health of the mother.”

Countries where abortion has been unavailable (Ireland, Poland, Egypt and Uganda) have better maternal and infant health than many countries where abortion is available on request.[i] In Poland, since restrictive abortion laws were reinstated, maternal mortality has plunged by more than 75%.

It has been well documented that women who have one or more abortions significantly increase their risk for complications that arise in subsequent pregnancies including premature birth and infant mortality. Following restrictive abortion laws in Poland, these dropped by almost two-thirds and well over a half respectively.[ii]

Literally hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies have indicated the serious adverse effects of legal abortion on women’s health, and in countries that lack proper medical care in the first place, these effects can be absolutely devastating.

One study done in Finland where meticulous medical records are kept supported by a prodigious health care system found maternal mortality following abortion was four times higher than following childbirth (26.7 after giving birth vs 100.5 following abortion). This does not include the incidence of suicide following abortion which the Finnish study found to be six times higher compared to childbirth.[iii]

The many adverse reactions on women’s health demonstrate an enduring human truth; it runs against nature for a mother to take the life of her child. If she does so, it will usually come at a price. It is not uncommon to meet women who vividly and painfully recall abortions they had two or three decades ago.

In Canada, abortion is fully legal at any stage of pregnancy and for any reason. It is available also in pill form and covered by provincial medical plans.

“But that doesn’t seem to be enough,” says Sonnen. “Our Prime Minister also promised 650 million dollars in tax money to ‘reproductive rights’ initiatives including abortion, in developing countries. All this despite the fact that our polls indicate most Canadians want legal restrictions on abortion at some point in pregnancy; despite the known health risks that abortion poses; despite the practice of sex selection abortions around the world and even in Canada; and despite the fact that developing countries desperately need maternal health care initiatives which help women to deliver their babies, not abort them…safely.”

“It’s tragic that we’ve reached this point,” adds Sonnen. “That global institutions with this kind of power and influence, can tout the killing of innocent human beings as a ‘safe’ solution instead of addressing the real underlying factors like poverty, coercion, and cultural pressures that lead to abortion. Women and their children deserve better.”


About the LifeCanada
LifeCanada ( was established in 2000 to operate as a national association of local and provincial educational groups across Canada in order to promote the value of human life, to serve our members, and to advocate for the most vulnerable members of society. LifeCanada is a non-profit organization that is supported solely by the generosity of its members.

For further information contact LifeCanada at 1-866-780-5433.

[i] Complications: Abortion’s Impact on Women, Angela Lanfranchi, Ian Gentles, Elizabeth Ring-Cassidy, The deVeber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research, 2013, (p.17)
[ii] UNICEF, The State of the World’s Children (2009).
[iii] Gissler M, Hemminki E and Lonnqvist J. Suicides after pregnancy in Finland. British Medical Journal, 1996








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Canadian study reveals the reasons for euthanasia requests

Living with Dignity, an organization based in Quebec, reported on the latest findings concerning euthanasia in Canada. From their May 31st article:

“A Canadian study recently examined the reasons behind euthanasia cases in four major hospitals in the Toronto area.

The results of the study demonstrate that the main factor behind euthanasia deaths relates to existential distress. Indeed, the primary reason given by patients concerned the loss of autonomy – and not the unbearable pain that was conveniently sold to us from the beginning. Other reasons included fear of becoming a burden to those around them, fear of losing one’s dignity, or the fact of no longer appreciating one’s life.

In other words, the Canadian picture continues a portrait well known in other parts of the world, in which the same motives are evoked to request assisted suicide. This pattern also confirms what we already knew: euthanasia is primarily a question of how we relate to others and how society views vulnerable people.

Moreover, when loss of autonomy is evoked as an indignity that deserves death, we should first see it as a petty social judgment that affects all persons who suffer from a disability or a serious illness. Furthermore, we have the duty to fight this pernicious and intolerable verdict.

Indeed, this is the logic inherent in all laws on euthanasia as they sell induced death as a blessing and as an adequate response to suffering. In the face of this real ideological scourge, we must continue to promote a benevolent and inclusive vision that values ​​those who are made vulnerable by sickness, old age, or disability by giving them the means to live with dignity and to be accompanied and comforted until their last breath.”

As Living with Dignity points out the reasons for euthanasia requests in Canada are the same as those found in other jurisdictions. Annual reports from the states of Oregon  and Washington where assisted suicide is legal show that these reasons are: loss of dignity, loss of autonomy, loss of ability to participate in activities that make life enjoyable, fear of being a burden on family and friends and loss of control of bodily functions. Pain while listed is not the primary reason.


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National Pro-Life Conference November 3-4, 2017

Book Before our Early Bird Deadline October 2 and SAVE!

Only 10 DAYS LEFT before the Oct. 2 Early Bird Deadline for our True North Strong for Life National Pro-Life Conference in beautiful, historic Ottawa Ontario November 3-4, 2017. Register today!


For out-of-town guests, the Hilton Garden Inn Ottawa Airport Hotel block is ALMOST FULLY BOOKED. Call 613-288-9001 or click here to reserve your room today using the promo code “LIFE” for the guaranteed rate of $139/night.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear our impressive line-up of speakers, including:

– Sean O’Hare (Banquet Speaker) – Senator Betty Unger
– John Carpay – Dr. José Pereira
– Natalie Sonnen – Kyle Neilson
– Derek Miedema – Pierre Lemieux
– Darlene McLean – Dr. Ramona Coelho
– Faye Sonier – Patricia Maloney
– John Sikkema – Jonathon Van Maren

Opening Mass Celebrant: Most Reverend Terrence Prendergast, Archbishop of Ottawa

Protestant Prayer Service: Reverend Rob Parker

Saturday Breaks and Banquet: Included with conference registration

Youth for Life Workshop with Sean O’Hare and Jonathon Van Maren
Friday, November 3; 3-4 pm; Senior high and up.
– FREE for registered conference attendees
– $10 for non-registered students
Sponsorships available: Call 1-866-780-5433




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