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 Abortion doctors charged with murder after fetuses found in the fridge

Two doctors who performed late-term abortions in Maryland have been arrested and charged with murder. The investigation started in August 2010 when an 18-year old woman who was pregnant had her uterus ruptured during an abortion of her 21 week old unborn baby. Instead of calling 911, the two doctors responsible, Dr. Steven Brigham and Dr. Nicola Riley, drove the woman to a hospital. A search of their clinic followed and a freezer was found with 35 late-term fetuses inside, including one that was aborted at 36 weeks.

Abortion kills an unborn baby, and currently the law in Maryland permits abortions even in late pregnancy. However, two doctors were charged with murder for doing just this because as reported by, “if a preborn baby is past viability and his or her life is taken in an illegal act, murder charges can be brought.” Dr. Steven Brigham operated a secret late term abortion clinic in Elkton, Maryland even though he had no license to practice in that state.”  Dr. Brigham  or his colleague Dr. Nicola Riley would start the late-term abortions at his office in New Jersey and then the women would be driven to his secret clinic in Maryland to finish the abortion procedure. The state of New Jersey does not permit late term abortions in clinics. Dr. Brigham and his colleague Dr. Riley were therefore beginning illegal late abortions in the state of New Jersey also.

It is horrible that these babies’ bodies were kept frozen in the clinic. If this is upsetting to some supporters of abortion, we should ask why it is so wrong, and why when the results of abortion are unseen, it does not bother them. Dead fetuses in a fridge should be an outrage, but it should also spur on more action to end the injustice of abortion.

As Kelly McParland with the National Post points out, “So what’s the big issue? If a fetus isn’t human, what’s wrong with tossing it in the fridge? That’s what abortion is all about: ‘terminating’ non-human life forms that don’t count as human. If you accept that, then there’s no reason to treat the result of the abortion with any respect. If you think there’s something wrong with storing abortion results in a fridge, then maybe you don’t really believe all that stuff the pro-abortion people have been feeding you.”

And that’s just it, you see, the bodies of aborted babies in a freezer unmask  the word games that some abortion advocates have played for years: mainly that the unborn child is not a human being or that it is merely a potential human being or a clump of cells or tissue or product of conception. The bodies of these little babies show the reality of abortion. Abortion kills a human being.

A new human being exists from the moment of conception. Sex is determined at that moment as is the colour of your hair, your eyes, your height and your skin. Regardless of gestational age, every unborn child should have the right to life.

Records show that Dr. Brigham has a left a trail of misery behind him. His medical license was suspended in other states for injuring women in botched abortions and violations of health and safety standards.

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