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Majority of Canadians oppose forcing physicians and religious institutions to participate in euthanasia

You can learn more at: http://lifecanada.org/images/National%20Polls/LifeCanada_Research_-_Doctor_Assited_Death_GENERAL_FINAL_HB1.pdf

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Stop the discrimination against unborn children with Down Syndrome

Sadly, today, while society speaks of inclusion on the one hand, unborn children with Down Syndrome are being eliminated through abortion at an astonishing rate. 80 to 90% of pregnancies where the child is diagnosed with Down Syndrome end in … Continue reading

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Ontario physicians who oppose assisted suicide are legally challenging CPSO referral requirement.

Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director of the  Euthanasia Prevention Coalition reports on the latest developments concerning freedom of conscience for health care workers in Ontario: The Coalition for HealthCare and Conscience is seeking a judicial review of the College of Physicians and … Continue reading

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