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Ontario Court rules against physicians’ conscience rights

  The Divisional Court of Ontario in a unanimous decision (3 Judges) ruled in favour of the  College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and its “effective referral ” policy. An effective referral means that physicians who have a conscientious … Continue reading

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Canada Summer Jobs program discriminates against Canadians unwilling to support abortion

The letter to the editor below was sent by Action Life to the Ottawa Citizen in response to an opinion piece on the Canada Summer Jobs program. The piece was published on January 19th  under the title Pro: Grant program … Continue reading

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The unborn child : Human at every stage

When does human life begin? “The answer is there in the textbooks of Human Embryology, that a “human life” begins at fertilization… It has always been there, at least for 100 years… Every human embryologist, worldwide, states that the life … Continue reading

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