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Sculpture “The Child Who Was Never Born”

This sculpture named  “Memorial to an unborn child” is the work of a young slovak named Martin Hudaceka. Martin was encouraged by a friend to create the piece.  The sculpture  was erected in Slovakia last year.  If you are suffering  … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber’s Mom Chose Life

LifeNews: Justin Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette, explained to “Today,” in an interview that will air this week, about the sexual abuse she suffered before becoming pregnant and how she was determined to make it through a difficult pregnancy situation and … Continue reading

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Legal Abortion Does Not Save Lives

Having a well developed medical system does. Abortion groups set their sights on pushing medical abortions in developing countries that are unable to implement safeguards and cannot track complications. Beverly Winikoff of Gynuity, a top promoter of chemical abortions, rejects … Continue reading

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South Korean Supreme Court Rules Right to Life Cannot Be Undermined by The Right to Bodily Autonomy

On August 23rd, the Supreme Court of South Korea upheld the country’s 59-year-old abortion ban. Although the decision was reported in the mainstream media,  a few important details were lacking in some of the English coverage. First, is that the … Continue reading

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