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Student Questions on Euthanasia

Question 1:  Do you see euthanasia being legalized any time soon in Canada? It is our hope that with education campaigns Canadians will reject euthanasia. There is a threat on the horizon with Bloc Québecois member of Parliament Francine Lalonde … Continue reading

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Student Questions About Stem Cell Research

1. Why is stem cell research so controversial? Embryonic stem cell research is the cause of the controversy.  Why, because it involves the destruction of a human life.  The removal of the stem cells from a living human embryo causes … Continue reading

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The Euphemism of Assisted Suicide

Euthanasia and assisted suicide advocates claim that the legalization of these practices is about choice and autonomy. However safeguards to protect patients against euthanasia have not worked in the Netherlands where the practice is legal as the evidence gathered over … Continue reading

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