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Euthanasia without consent in the Netherlands

Killing without consent: Euthanasia in the Netherlands Henk Reitsema has been working with L’Abri Fellowship in the Netherlands for 16 years. He decided to become actively involved with the anti-euthanasia lobby after his grandfather was killed, without consent, in a … Continue reading

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Unable to Communicate but desperate to live

Unable to communicate, but desperate to live One family is pleading for the right to end the life of their family member- a 51 year old woman who is brain damaged. They want her to be ‘allowed to die’- which … Continue reading

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Mystery of the Mind

The story of Martin Pistorius: Scientists have the first ‘conversation’ with a patient in a vegetative state “Neuroscientists have come to believe that as many as 40 percent of those in a vegetative state have been misdiagnosed and may have … Continue reading

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Selective Reduction: Another name for abortion

‘Selective Reduction’ A recent article in the New York Times titled ‘The Two-Minus-One Pregnancy’ described the practice of selective reduction, and its growing use to ‘reduce’ the number of unborn babies in a pregnancy from two to one. ‘Selective reduction’ … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome and prenatal screening

Prenatal screening and Down Syndrome In a guest post in the New York Times (December 14, 2010), Amy Julia Becker wrote about her third pregnancy and prenatal screening. When Julia Becker was expecting her third child, she and her husband declined … Continue reading

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