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Euthanasia without consent in the Netherlands

Killing without consent: Euthanasia in the Netherlands Henk Reitsema has been working with L’Abri Fellowship in the Netherlands for 16 years. He decided to become actively involved with the anti-euthanasia lobby after his grandfather was killed, without consent, in a … Continue reading

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Unable to Communicate but desperate to live

Unable to communicate, but desperate to live One family is pleading for the right to end the life of their family member- a 51 year old woman who is brain damaged. They want her to be ‘allowed to die’- which … Continue reading

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Mystery of the Mind

The story of Martin Pistorius: Scientists have the first ‘conversation’ with a patient in a vegetative state “Neuroscientists have come to believe that as many as 40 percent of those in a vegetative state have been misdiagnosed and may have … Continue reading

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