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Sex Selection abortion

A campaign to improve the lives of girls in developing countries has the title “Because I am a girl”. There are television advertisements, bus shelter advertisements and other forms of media messaging.  The website explains that by educating, nourishing,valuing and protecting girls, families and communities will … Continue reading

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Life support withdrawal and traumatic brain injury

Neurology- Support Withdrawal Causes Deaths After Traumatic Brain Injury According to a study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, most deaths of patients with traumatic brain injury result from withdrawal of life support within the first 3 days of ICU … Continue reading

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Deadly Pill

FDA report on RU-486 abortions: 14 maternal deaths and 2,207 adverse effects An FDA report which was released in mid-July shows that there has been a rise in the number of women who have experienced adverse effects after taking RU-486. … Continue reading

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Maternity benefits after abortion

Canada’s Federal Government avoids commenting on maternity benefits after abortion The federal government has been avoiding questions about the policy that allows women to receive full maternity benefits after having an abortion. Canada’s employment insurance guidelines allow a woman who … Continue reading

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