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Could you trust a doctor who helped to kill patients?

On June 15, 2012, Justice Lynn Smith of the British Columbia Supreme Court struck down the prohibition on assisted suicide in the Criminal Code of Canada declaring it  unconstitutional. Her ruling was rendered in the Carter v. Canada case. The lawsuit was … Continue reading

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An attempt to legalize euthanasia

The Select Committee on Dying with Dignity is a committee established by the Québec National Assembly. 427 briefs and presentations were made to the committee. A strong majority of  those who presented to the committee (60%) did not want to see physician assisted suicide … Continue reading

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Abortion In Ontario

The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) released the national  abortion statistics for 2010 this spring. Having the 2010 statistics published by CIHI allows us to compare those numbers with the Ontario data from 2010 OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) billing … Continue reading

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Abortion Secrecy

Top Secret! That’s what abortion data is now in Ontario,  Top Secret!  In January 2012, the government of Ontario brought in an amendment to its Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).  This we know through a request … Continue reading

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Is the unborn child a human being?

The unborn child and section 223 of the Criminal Code Conservative Member of Parliament Stephen Woodworth has called for debate on the legal status of unborn children, and he is challenging critics to provide medical evidence proving that they do … Continue reading

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Assisted suicide encourages people to throw away their lives

In Oregon and Washington, assisted suicide laws are said to apply to “terminal” patients, defined as having no more than six months to a year to live. However, prognosis for patients can be wrong, and sometimes patients are not necessarily … Continue reading

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