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On the side of human rights

    A Canadian newspaper The Province dated November 21st, 2012 claimed that the abortion debate was over and demanded that pro-lifers ‘shut up’. Well ,we can’t be quiet about abortion because it kills an unborn child. It is the  denial of … Continue reading

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Mysteries of the Mind

Twelve years ago, Canadian Scott Routley sustained a severe brain injury in a car crash. He was diagnosed as being in a permanent ‘vegetative’ state. It was thought that he was unable to communicate with others. However his family did … Continue reading

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Adoption, a loving option

November is National Adoption Awareness month. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, visit the website to find out more about adoption today.

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Beware physician assisted suicide and euthanasia!

Studies on euthanasia and assisted suicide provide ample evidence that safeguards will not prevent the killing by euthanasia of vulnerable patients who did not request it or did not consent to it. The legalization of these practices would fundamentally alter … Continue reading

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Sex-selection abortion

Conservative Member of Parliament Mark Warawa has filed a motion concerning sex selection abortions. The motion reads: “That the House condemn discrimination against females occuring through sex-selective pregnancy termination.” Mr. Warawa indicated in a press release that”recent studies have shown … Continue reading

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