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Respect and justice for all human beings

This message appeared on a poster designed by students from Muskoka: “Everyone who supported slavery was free. Everyone who supports abortion was born. That’s how oppression works. They’re not really people. We’ve heard that before. Respect human life.” A  message that might cause … Continue reading

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Abortion in Canada

Pro-life individuals have sponsored seven billboards in Alberta. The advertisements can be seen in Lethbridge, Vulcan, Milk River and Fort McLeod. The goal of the billboard campaign is to educate residents about the legal situation concerning abortion in Canada. The … Continue reading

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Abortion and Women’s Health

The deVeber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research reports on a study regarding the risks of abortion to women’s mental health “In the largest study of its kind researchers have concluded that women having abortions experience an 81% increased risk of … Continue reading

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42 years in a coma surrounded by loving family

A remarkable story of love and devotion comes to us from Miami, Florida. Edwarda O’Bara , a lively 16-year-old high school student lapsed into a diabetic coma in January 1970 after being stricken with pneumonia. Her family explains that on … Continue reading

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Babies yawn while in the womb

  News items this November informs us that yes, unborn children do yawn! Scientists have reported before on yawning in unborn children as well as other activity such as hiccupping, stretching, swallowing and thumb sucking.  But there were those who disagreed … Continue reading

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B.C. pro-life university club to take student association to court

Members of Protectores Vitae, a pro-life university club at Kwantlen Polytechnic University Campus in Langley, B.C, have announced that they will be taking the Kwantlen Student Association to court. The Student Association will not grant official club status to Protectores Vitae. … Continue reading

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Women hurt after abortion

WH Billboard Bernadette “Women hurt is a project initiated by women who regret their abortions and wish to share their stories of hope and healing with women who find themselves in similar situations. To learn more, visit their website. … Continue reading

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