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Abortions done for socio-economic reasons

Our current address is 1000 Brookfield Road, room 40, Ottawa. Abortion advocates lobbied for the legalization of abortion under the banner of ‘choice’. Abortion was a woman’s choice they said. People who support abortion call themselves ‘pro-choice’. Yet, abortions have … Continue reading

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When does the human heart begin to beat?

For years, knowledge about the development of the heart of an unborn child pegged the beginning of the beating of the heart at around 21 days after conception. Now, new research finds that these first heartbeats occur at 16 days … Continue reading

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Bioethicists argue for a ban on conscientious objection by physicians

In an article published in the September issue of the journal Bioethics on the matter of conscientious objection, bioethicists Udo Schuklenk of Queen’s University and Julian Savulescu of Oxford University argue against maintaining this fundamental right for physicians. Both are known for … Continue reading

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