Babies helping seniors

An amazing new organization in Ottawa: Babies who volunteer. To learn more about the wonderful work this organization does see: .

Visit their website

Bringing joy in the lives of seniors

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2 Responses to Babies helping seniors

  1. Marnie Wellar says:

    Featuring an organization in your blog could imply that it has an association with your anti-abortion mission. I am certain that Action Life did not obtain permission from Babies Who Volunteer to use them in your blog. You need to delete that post immediately and refrain using from other people’s organizations without permission.

  2. ActionLife says:

    Our mention of the wonderful work done by the organization Babies Who volunteer in no way implies any association with or support of Action Life’s work by this group.

    We provide the video link for the news story and the website address for the organization.

    It is a heartwarming story, one we are free to share with others.

    We hope this organization flourishes and continues to bring joy to the lives of seniors.

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