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Action Life (Ottawa) Inc.
Executive Director: Louise Harbour

204-1695 Bank St.
Ottawa, Ontario K1V 7Z3

P: 613.798.4494
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8 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Yvonne Bulger says:

    Thank you for getting your message out

    May I make a suggestion ….remind people we have a grave shortage of doctors and assisted suicide supporters will want many hours of doctors attention to be with the patient . This is not good for the caring of people who need medical help to enjoy quality of life .

  2. faisal says:

    Hello dear
    I am Pakistani I have CP global delay child years old. he had trilateral surgery in his legs to release tends he was walking on tip toes before surgery. after surgery he cannot walk he can stand with support. he cannot speak I have his old reports some of them, I want to have stem cell treatment how much it will cost me.

  3. Theresa says:

    Hi There
    Can I make a donation on line?

  4. ActionLife says:

    Good Morning:
    Yes, you can make a donation online by using Paypal on our website.
    Thank you.

  5. Richard Harris says:

    Policies that condemn women and girls to carry unwanted pregnancies to term are either evil or stupid, or both. Your organization’s behaviour in posting this advertisement is liable to cause suffering and misery.

  6. Louise Walkden says:

    I do not understand the projection that having children equates with suffering and misery. People with children even in difficult circumstance find meaning, fulfillment and love like had never known they could. Love is sacrificial yes, parenting is sacrificial, yes, but loving others is what gives life meaning and makes it worthwhile. There is no greater honour than sacrificing for the well-being and life of another, that is real love.

    Only a selfish person would see parenthood as suffering and misery even if it is challenging – some things are simply matters of the heart. Still, protecting innocent people from murder must be the primary concern. Once nobody’s life is in danger, we can shift our focus entirely on encouraging and supporting parents.

  7. Lousie Walkden says:

    I applaud Action to Life’s commitment to people through their earliest and most vulnerable stages. It takes courage to stand up against abortion, it can be intimidating. It is more important however to encourage life saving choices and laws. Change takes courage.

  8. John Devlin says:

    I wish to make a donation by credit care via a secure connection. Please advise

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